Burston Strike School 2016

Again this year we took Rebel Arts stall to the trade union Unite event commemorating the Burston Strike School in Norfolk ; this years stall theme was Placart – DIY placards. We were also promoting the new trade union for visual artists called Artists Union England which has just acheived Certification. If you are a practicing artist interested in becoming a member of a Cambridge/Eastern region Branch please email Jill Eastland – jilleastland@gmail.com.More info about AUE can be found here ; http://www.artistsunionengland.org.uk/

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Housing is a human right and so is having somewhere to sit down



The bench on Leftfield at the corner of Mill Road and East Road was unusable,




so we fixed it



Housing is a human right

and made a blanket for the convenience of anyone using it.

Vulnerable people deserve kindness and support and have a right to adequate housing, food, safety and healthcare.

Undercover Cop

Cambridge Constabulary have been caught out recruiting infiltrators, to spy on students, peace activists and anti-racists, so we made a hat for them. Try it out and find out who is embarrassed to wear it.







The Free Shop at Burston

The free shop travelled to Burston today and confounded some of the more traditional trade unionists with it’s anti-consumerist message.

Free Shop smaller

Refugees and Migrants Welcome at Cambridge Guildhall

Refugees and Migrants welcome at Cambridge Guildhall

Refugees Welcome - Guildhall 2Refugees Welcome - Guildhall

Refugees Welcome in Cambridge

Cambridge welcomes refugees, written loud in chalk.

Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 11Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 10Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 9

Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 8Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 7Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 6

Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 5Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 4Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 3

Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 2Refugees Welcome -  Chalk drawing 1_edited-1


Anti-Fracking Discs

Get your anti-fracking discs to put in your old car tax disc holders:

Kale not shale