Free Shop and Upcycling at CB1 Mill Rd This Sunday

The ethos of the free shop is that everything you find inside is free to take away and also everything you donate is given away for free

In this age of rampant capitalism


consume – consume – consume

the free shop promotes Give and Share.

There is no profit motive

If you need it – then take it

If you don’t need it – then leave it for someone who does

If you want to give something – then do


There is enough for everyone’s need, but not for everyone’s greed”

This Sunday 22/2/15 Free Shop in the Basement of CB1 Cafe Mill Rd Cambridge from 10 am

From 2pm Rebel Artists will be there to Upcycle anything you might choose

Donations for Upcycling only for Strawberry E-Bloco Arts Area


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