The Rebel Arts Village Bandstand Stage 2014 – Another great line up put together by Rebel Arts Radio presenter Mark Evo

With A Bigger stage and lighting & a crowd that rocked !

bandstand line up

Message From Mark to all Concerned

Well, well, well!! What can I say? Strawberry Fair 2014 was rather special! Big up to all that made it the great event that it was, the Rebel Arts Bandstand was so much better than I could ever imagine. Big thanks to all the talented acts that played their hearts out: Rob Hughes and his Allotment, Mark Shepherd and the rest of Radar, Standing like Statues, the Jackson Creek Band (sorry about the water on stage and tech problems), Fenrir, Horse Party, P.A.I.N., the Binewski Murder, Tarantism, and the Cracked Actors. Biggest respect to the sound crew who worked their arses off to make it all happen, working under difficult conditions!! Martin Axl Emmett pass on my thanks to your crew, they were on it and kept their heads when everybody else was loosing theirs.

Big up to DJ Nick Butt for keeping the crowd entertained between bands with a spot on elective mix of top tunes. Many thanks to Gary Pratt and Andy C for their support and their excellent stewarding skills! Respect to the Village Green Keepers Smyley Jay and Gayle Harney  And MR Hazy Jay for some top compering !

Most of all thanks to all to those who came, danced, smiled and enjoyed themselves

Could go on, hope I’ve not missed anyone out. A great result all round 🙂 – Mark x

Allotment & Hazy JayMarkbandstandPAINbandstand 3bandstand crowd


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