Unit 7


From 18th May 2015 Rebel Arts in collaboration with Changing Spaces /Collaborating Cambridge & SinCru B-Boy dance group have taken up residence for a limited time in a disused unit in the belly of the consumerist beast that is The Grafton Centre , one of the main shopping centres in the heart of the city.

Over the next two & and a bit months we have a section of the building to exhibit some Creative Resistance via the medium of the arts and engage shoppers to do more/think more other than just consume as they wander through the Grafton Centre.

The first Rebel Arts group exhibition is  “Materials of Love & Revolution” based on the French Feminist concept of Jouissance – revolution through joy ! This will run from 18th May until June 6th when the exhibition will gradually transform over the week into the next exhibition based on the topic of Waste. There will also be events throughout our time at Unit 7 to raise funds needed to cover expenses which will take place at the space or other gig venues in Cambridge so watch this space !

Materials of Love & Revolution – opening night 18/5/15

2015-05-18 20.42.46    2015-05-18 19.06.48


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